Device software developers considering an open-source solution continue to share fundamental needs with proprietary operating system clients. Meeting these requirements may challenge some organizations, especially those navigating open-source waters for the first time:

An overall strategy that supports your business goals
Tools that scale across the enterprise
Knowledgeable support staff available when you need help
A reliable Linux distribution, including tested patches
As part of our comprehensive Linux solution, the Our Linux Services Practice consists of a team of engineers with extensive experience delivering design, integration, and optimization services tailored to the needs of the open-source community. Combined with Our Education Services and support network, the Linux Services Practice improves time-to-revenue by delivering reliable, high-quality solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


High-quality, on time, on budget. Our services team has proven expertise in completing Linux-based device software projects. We know how to manage complex development and integration tasks, ensuring excellent quality and timely delivery.
Focus on adding value. By co-sourcing your integration and development work with the Our Linux Services Practice, you can concentrate on projects that will deliver higher value and sustainable competitive advantage for your company.
Insider ecosystem knowledge. Our consultants excel at configuring the Linux editions of Our Platform for Network Equipment, Wind River Platform for Consumer Devices, and Wind River General Purpose Platform to perform optimally with our hardware and software partner’s products. We leverage this extensive knowledge to deliver the best solution for your business, cutting development costs and speeding time-to-revenue.
Why Our Services
Specialized Expertise Our global team of more than 140 device engineers understands how device software development differs for the open-source community, and we enhance our solutions to address those needs. Our comprehensive DSO industry experience is augmented by our open-source solutions, which are based on both our own Linux platforms and other commercial and open-source distributions.

IP Portfolio While becoming industry experts, we’ve assembled a portfolio of intellectual property (IP) that supports our services practice. Using this portfolio of customizations, accelerators, and enhancements can reduce the cost of your solution and decrease your time to completion. Our Professional Services will seamlessly integrate our IP into your solution and tailor it according to your needs.

Methodology Our works within a precisely structured methodology that ensures your project will be completed within the estimated time and at or below the estimated cost, with the top-notch quality you expect. Project execution involves a set of management and development processes based on industry standards, as documented in the Project Management Institute’s Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The PMBOK was compiled from the best practices of project managers across many markets and disciplines, and Wind River has applied these best practices to our industry-leading project management approach.

Linux Services
Refined through successful project completion, our professional services deliver value, quality, and results. The following offerings from the Our Linux Services Practice have been carefully crafted to help integrate complex solutions for Linux device software providers:

Discovery and Definition
Which features are essential? Which hardware platforms are the most suitable? What are the best-of-breed software technologies? We explore challenges, identify options, create development and integration schedules, and determine test and acceptance criteria.

RTOS to Linux Migration
The process of moving from a proprietary or commercial operating system to an open-source solution can be filled with hidden pitfalls and costly mistakes. We can help keep you on a smooth, direct path as you migrate to other Linux distribution.

Device Design
Our expert consultants can help develop system requirements, design high-level hardware and software architecture, and assess your current technology. It is also possible to co-source your system design either partially or entirely to Our Design Services to help guarantee success.

Linux BSP and Device Driver Development
Our Linux BSP and driver experts can analyze your device hardware requirements and create the Linux software package you need to optimize both your development process and the behavior of your deployed device.

Package Assembly
Which package and patches should you use? Which are correct for the solution you are developing? Our services team can help you find open-source solutions that extend the Our distribution.

Kernel Customization
We can help you streamline your kernel for optimal performance, or generalize it for application across a wide array of platforms.

Workbench Integration
Depending on which kernel, target architecture, host environment you use, you may need to expand the operating system support in Workbench. We can help integrate Workbench into your project, as well as extend the development suite to support other operating systems or distributions to establish a uniform development environment.

Middle ware and Custom IP Integration
Using our device software best practices and extensive Linux experience, we can extend the Our General Purpose Platform, Linux Edition, and Platform for Network Equipment, Linux Edition, to include customized functionality, tools, and third-party middle ware technology.

Optimization and Performance Tuning
We can assist in keeping BOM costs down and improving client acceptance by evaluating low-level code, interaction with the hardware, and potentially application code to determine where functionality can be streamlined or offloaded to meet performance and code size requirements.

Testing, validation, and support are the biggest challenges faced by most Linux device software developers. Our services practice can validate the proper operation of the Linux run-time for each required board. We use a combination of open-source and proprietary validation tools to run an exhaustive set of tests on the Linux kernel to verify proper operation.

Linux Development Foundation
We can collaborate with you to establish a Linux strategy that includes an integrated and tested kernel, file system, Linux BSP, and development environment.

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