Your IT infrastructure has to be well maintained, always available and fit for purpose – a stable platform which evolves and supports the business.

But managing both infrastructure day-to-day and planning for the future can be tough to do especially if you don’t have dedicated IT staff, or your personnel are stretched on other projects or solving the urgent desktop issues of colleagues.

Our infrastructure consultancy services help you address these conflicting demands by giving you access to a breadth of IT talent to bolster or create your own dedicated IT team.

We can:

Act as a ‘virtual’ IT director to analyse your commercial needs over time and design IT infrastructure solutions which address these business imperatives;
Take ownership of project management and implementation providing qualified and specialist systems engineers on site to ensure 100% project success;
Provide full remote monitoring, back up and business continuity services to deliver continuous availability;
Project status is continuously reviewed to ensure the initial strategy matches the needs of your ever-changing business, with our account managers providing ongoing consultancy and advice along the way.

Use as much, or as little, of an IT team ‘on demand’ as you need.

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