Big Data is applicable to virtually all vertical markets, and the technologies that make up the emerging Big Data stack are diverse. But one thing most Big Data practitioners have in common is their employment of professional services firms to help navigate the journey to Big Data Analytics maturity.

Implications for Technology Providers
The popularity of professional services for Big Data engagements should be of particular interest to Big Data hardware and software providers, including Hadoop and NoSQL pure-play vendors. The majority of Big Data projects today are still in the proof-of-concept phase, with many more enterprises still simply evaluating their options. But the market is approaching a tipping point, likely in the next six-to-twelve months, when the first wave of early adopter PoCs move to production-scale. It is at this point that enterprises will make decisions about which technology providers to go with for the long-term.

Linux Infrastructure provides deep expertise in transforming key processes such as:

Customer Intelligence: Linux Infrastructure helps you unlock data from multiple channel and functional silos to enable a single version of truth and a deep understanding of your customers and how they are interacting with your brand across all channels. Linux Infrastructure deep business process know-how helps you in asking the right questions and gaining actionable insights that can be applied to your existing business processes to drive value. Linux Infrastructure helps you in creating easy to understand, visually compelling dashboards and reports so that you are effective in your ability to communicate the business value to your stakeholders. Linux Infrastructure helps you in tying your vision, strategy and business goals into an actionable plan, process, architecture and organizational alignment framework. Linux Infrastructure brings deep expertise in the areas of Big Data Management, BI strategy and architecture, Business Information Modelling, Data Modelling and Customer Intelligence Management.

Business & Marketing Execution: Linux Infrastructure is committed to generating an unprecedented value for your business by optimizing execution of your marketing campaigns with our deep marketing expertise. Linux Infrastructure ability to mine the customer data and leverage insights to improve effectiveness of marketing campaigns, when combined with our Lily technology and process frameworks, have delivered tangible bottom-line improvements for many global 2,000 companies.
Linux Infrastructure unique approach further drives value by:

Increasing customer engagement across all channels,
Finding and nurturing prospects and to better enable the sale,
Enabling effective cross-selling to existing customers,
Building loyalty,
And reducing churn with targeted retention programs.

Media & Publishing: Linux Infrastructure expertise in helping a number of media companies around the world aggregate data from multiple silos and mine customer interaction data across multiple channels (print, broadcast, online, mobile, 2nd screen) is sure to help your media business. Linux Infrastructure products and services enable you to better offer personalized content and personalized advertisements, as well as easily enable cross-sell content across multiple channels to drive revenues and margins for your business. With deep customer insights, you can segment your market better, offer location-based content, prevent churn and achieve greater customer loyalty.

Telecommunications: Our experiences in the telecommunications industry has enriched our consulting team with great know how that can help you fight churn effectively, drive ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) by identifying social leaders and their impact on the network, improve customer acceptance process and leverage viral marketing to increase awareness and customer engagement